It all started when...

The Canadian Progress Club is a long established Canadian service club, founded in 1922, with chapters across Canada. Each local club conducts its own affairs and its own charitable projects.


The Canadian Progress Club is a dynamic fellowship of charitable-minded Canadians who are passionate and committed to strengthening our communities through hands-on service and fundraising to benefit those in need.

Our Vision

The Canadian Progress Club will be the leading service club in Canada, through the contributions we make within our communities.

National Charity

The Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation, established in 1968, supports charitable organizations that are focused on enriching the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities. In 1987, the Foundation chose Special Olympics Canada as its principal charity, becoming their longest running and largest non-corporate benefactor.



The Canadian Progress Club emblem is the Roman god Mercury, the messenger of the gods. He has one hand in the air holding a torch, and on his feet he wears sandals with wings attached to them.

Mercury symbolizes hope to assist those in need. We use Mercury as our symbol to remind us of our club purpose, to assist those in need within our local communities and Canada.